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The health and wellbeing of our clients, their pets, our staff and the community is always our top priority. We will remain open at our same business hours for your essential veterinary needs, but it will not be business as usual – nothing is at this time. We must employ strict triaging, hygiene, wellness and physical distancing techniques to make sure you, your pet and our team stay safe. We will use non-contact consulting, non-contact item collection, and non-contact payment techniques to protect both staff and clients. The following information is an update on how to safely access our animal health services during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak and what you can do to help us minimise the risk of transmission.

  • While COVID-19 restrictions are in place, clients will not be allowed to enter the clinic building – non-contact consulting* will be performed instead.
  • We politely ask that anyone who has travelled overseas within the last 14 days, is being tested for or confirmed as COVID-19 +ve, or is feeling unwell with cold or flu-like symptoms, please refrain from bringing your pet to the clinic. Call us to discuss your pet’s health issue first.

  • We ask that anyone who has been in direct contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case also please refrain from bringing your pet to the clinic. Call us to discuss your pet’s health issue first.

  • If you are not comfortable bringing your pet to the clinic, please call us to discuss your pet’s health issue.

  • In ALL cases we will be able to attend to a pet’s health care needs with just a little planning – either by arranging an alternate appointment date, having another person bring your pet in, or by organising a consultation via phone or Zoom meeting.

  • If you regularly purchase food or medication for your pet from us, please ensure that you always have at least two weeks’ supply. Call us when you need more, so we can arrange for it to arrive in time for you.

* non-contact consulting is designed to minimise the risk of disease transmission between clients and staff. When you come for your appointment, we will ask you to wait in your vehicle with your pet, and call us on 08 8270 5155 to advise us of your arrival. Our team will ask you some questions about your own health and risk of exposure to COVID-19, and about your pet’s health, to determine if a physical examination of your pet is appropriate. Once that has been ascertained, you will attach your pet by its lead to the clasp provided or, if your pet is in a carrier cage, place the carrier cage on the path. Our nurses will collect your pet and take it inside to our vet, who will then call you while performing their examination. Once the examination is complete, your pet and associated medication will be brought to you and payment can be made over the phone.

We have also had some queries about pets and COVID-19 we would like to address:

  • The primary source of transmission of COVID-19 remains human-to-human contact, which is why handwashing and physical distancing are the best ways to protect yourself and your family from getting sick.

  • There is currently no evidence to suggest that dogs and cats have become infected with and then spread COVID-19, either between themselves or to humans.

  • There is a theoretical risk that COVID-19 can be spread by a dog’s or cat’s fur if they have been handled by a COVID-19 +ve person. For this reason, COVID-19 +ve owners should avoid handling their pets while they are infectious.

  • Cats and dogs do have their own form of coronavirus, but it cannot be transmitted to humans.

  • Irrespective of COVID-19, you should always wash your hands before and after handling your pets or their food, which can help other pet-related illness from spreading.

Thank you for your support during this uncertain time. Stay safe and look after each other.

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