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Have you been to any events at the Fringe yet? Ian and I went to see "The Magnets" - a British a capella group with the most extraordinary beat box performance imaginable. And a few days later, the whole clinic celebrated our 14th birthday at a Fringe cabaret event, appropriately called "Tommy Bradson 's Sweet Sixteen or the Birthday Party Massacre"!! It was funny, bizarre, and totally epitomised what the Fringe is about!

Perhaps the Fringe isn't your thing. Maybe you are looking forward to the start of the football season? It will be the last season at AAMI, if the builders keep their end of the bargain. I must say, though, that as a family with a genuine Swans supporter (Ian - plus Tom and me vicariously), it will be hard to outdo last year, and we have proof of that on the magnificent grand final DVD!

So what do you have planned in this next month to lift up your spirits? If you haven't already done so, make sure you DO something. After all, this IS The Year of Good Things Happening!

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Contents of this newsletter

01  Keeping up with the clinic news!

02  Shame on you!

03  Safe beds for pets

04  Big dogs

05  Secrets of the perfect diet revealed!

06  Pet of The Month

01 Keeping up with the clinic news!

Cherie and Tam are a great addition to our team.

There have been a lot of staff changes at our clinic in the last few months, which is quite unusual for us - have you noticed?

Chanel relocated with her family to Townsville to pursue new opportunities there, and while it was sad to see her go, we were thrilled to be able to welcome Tamasin Mildren, our new Trainee Veterinary Nurse, into our family.

Erin has also just left - temporarily! - for her maternity leave, and we expect to hear some great news any day now. In the meantime, we are being help out by our lovely Welsh "lass", Annika Thomas - a qualified Veterinary Nurse from the UK, who so willingly shares her talents, ideas and friendly smile with us.

Faye recently chose to reduce her hours on reception - she now works mornings, Monday to Thursday. This created the opportunity for us to extend our reception hours to provide our clients with a better service, and the multi-talented Cherie Murdoch has blossomed in that role. From the time I have spent on reception, Cherie, I know it is not an easy job!

Our clinic has always been blessed with great staff, and we are thrilled that we have touched, and been touched by, so many wonderful people in their life journey. Annika, Cherie and Tamasin are now a part of that select group, and we look forward to you getting to know them too!

02 Shame on you!
Screen Shot 2013 02 06 at 9.36.34 PM

Is your pet a misbehaving beast? Do you own a mischievous mutt or a crazy kitty? If you have ever asked yourself 'why does my pet behave like that?', then this is your lucky month! 

March celebrates the Australian Veterinary Association Polite Pets Month, an annual campaign which aims to raise awareness among pet owners about pet training and pet behaviour issues.

Animal lovers of all types can access information here to find out more about how best to have courteous cats, delightful dogs and beautifully behaved birds. 

For specific advice about pet behaviour, call us and make an appointment to see our vet  Delwyn Bennett . Delwyn has done a lot of professional development in the area of behavioural problems and how to deal with them, and is in fact spending time at a conference in New Zealand this month learning more in this area. Remember - if there's a problem, the sooner you take action, the easier it will be to fix. 

In the mean time you should check out these hilarious websites to see what some naughty pets have been up to:  www.dogshaming.com and shameyourpet.com


03 Safe beds for pets
Screen Shot 2013 02 06 at 10.06.06 PM

A new program was launched recently by RSPCA NSW. It is called Safe Beds For Pets and provides temporary housing for pets of people who require refuge from domestic violence. 

It is common practice for the perpetrator of domestic violence to lure family members back home by threatening to harm the pet but through this initiative, families can now leave domestic violence situations and not fear for the safety of their pets.

The safe beds program gives domestic violence victims peace of mind and allows them to secure their own safety and make arrangements for the future. 

You can find out more about the program via this YouTube video

04 Big dogs
Screen Shot 2013 02 06 at 10.39.07 PM

How crazy is this dog!?! We are not sure if he thinks he's a horse or a human! 

There's more from where he came from - just follow this link.

If you think you've got a big dog to compete with these, take a photo and share it on the My Pet Stories Facebook page

05 Secrets of the perfect diet revealed!
Screen Shot 2013 02 06 at 10.32.23 PM

We all want the best nutrition for our pets, but how do you choose the perfect diet we hear you ask? It's easy! By consistently feeding a premium food, you can ensure your pet stays healthy and lives longer. Premium foods are high quality and prepared with the correct balance of nutrients and calories. 

Research confirms premium food is more economical than supermarket brands - you need to feed less quantity of a premium food for greater benefits.

Here are just a few of the pros of a premium, highly digestible food:

  • excellent coat and skin 
  • maximum absorption and uptake nutrients
  • reduced tummy upsets
  • minimal, well formed faeces that are easy to pick up (who wouldn't want that!?)

Premium foods offer options for every stage of your pet's life so be sure to ask us about the best nutrition for your pet.... and don't go offering your dog the foods mentioned in this video!   

06 Pet of The Month
max POTM

This month's Pet of The Month winner is Max, a healthy 4 year old cat who came in for his annual health checking, worming and vaccination. Being a young adult cat with no health problem, his ideal food was Royal Canin cat food for adult neutered males.

Did you know that you don't need to win Pet of the Month to have a nutritional consult for your pet? You simply have to book in for a nurse consultation with Lauren Green, our Certificate IV nurse who has devoted a lot of her time to learning what is best for your pet's nutrition. We are what we eat, so if you want to check out just what your pet is, call us on 8270 5155 to make an appointment with Lauren today.