Reproduction Support

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Aberfoyle Hub Veterinary Clinic
Hub Professional Centre
Aberfoyle Park
SA 5159

08 8270 5155

Reproduction Support


From the time you plan to breed your dog, to the after care associated with puppy health checks and vaccinations, we can assist you along the way.

We are experienced in performing:

  • Artificial insemination procedures - If circumstances call for artificial insemination.
  • Pregnancy ultrasounds - These can give some indication on how many puppies your bitch will be having, although are not always 100% accurate with numbers.
  • Pre-whelp health checks - To determine the bitch is ready to give birth and also to reassure you of the process and what to do if complications do occur.
  • Caesarians - Either elective or emergency depending on the situation, we are experienced in performing this surgery and have qualified nurses who are confident in assisting with bringing new puppies into the world. We also have the monitoring equipment and the experience to deal with complications that may arise immediately following birth.
  • Follow-up calls - To make sure both the puppies and their mum get off to the best start we do provide follow up phone calls to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.
  • Puppy vaccinations, microchips and health checks - When your puppies are old enough to begin a worming and vaccination program, we can offer extended health check appointments for all puppies, and can also microchip and vaccinate them if requested. This will provide the puppies with the basic health essentials before they are passed on to their new homes.

For more information on any of the services listed above, please contact us on 8270 5155.