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Hubba Blubba Weight Loss Club


If your pet has been identified as carrying a few extra kilos in weight, this information is for you!

It has been estimated that more than 40% of pets are overweight. There are a number of reasons for this. Just as our lives have become more sedentary, so have our pets’ lives. As our pets are spending more time as indoor companions, the more treats they receive from our tables and benches. Apart from all that, it is genuinely hard to tell sometimes, under all that fur, just what is fluff and what is fat!

But do those love handles really matter? Absolutely and resoundingly, yes! Being overweight is just as dangerous to your pet’s well-being as being obese. That extra body weight, stored as fat, makes your pet more prone to developing diabetes, heart and respiratory disease, arthritis and liver disease, and has been shown to shorten an animal’s life span by an average of 20 months.

At Hub Vets we want your pet to have the longest and best quality life it can have and unfortunately being overweight or obese and the risks that come with carrying the extra kilos or even grams can shorten your pets life and decrease the quality. We have designed a weight loss program (Hubba Blubba) to help owners who may be finding it difficult to control their pet's weight.

During the initial nutritional consultation a qualified nurse with weigh your pet and will also measure certain areas of its body, as well as taking 'before' pictures. Once we determine approximately how much extra weight your pet is carrying, we design a food plan using either the food recommended or your preferred choice in food.

For more information on Hubba Blubba, call us on 8270 5155.