Behavioural Services

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Aberfoyle Hub Veterinary Clinic
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Behavioural Services


At Hub Vets  we are able to offer advice on behavioural problems for any species, sex or age. We can also offer behavioural consultations with one of our Veterinarians, who has a special interest in behaviour. We are also able to provide referral to a behavioural specialist if required. Puppy behaviour is also discussed in depth during our Puppy Preschool classes and our qualified nurses are confident in dealing with puppy problems.

Prior to booking a behavioural consultation, we ask that you take home a behaviour questionnaire to fill in and return it to us before your consultation. This questionnaire is quite detailed and asks you to provide us with information regarding your pet's behaviour in a variety of different circumstances. If you think your pet would benefit from a behaviour consultation please pop into the clinic and collect a questionnaire before booking your appointment.