The world of pet food is as confusing as ever. From different brands to new and interesting treats, it is difficult and stressful to make the decision on what the best food is for our fur child. We also want to make sure that our pet is enjoying the perfect amount of required, wholesome nourishment. Especially as obesity in pets has become a regular occurrence in our clinic, that usually develops from an unbalanced diet (too many treats for all the good fur babies). Your vet team can help create a diet that is perfect for your pet. They will consider your pet’s breed, age, weight and lifestyle, while keeping the food delicious so your pet will enjoy eating it! There are also differences in the nutrient requirements between species. It is important to know the ingredients that you should familiarise yourself with, especially the correct nutrients needed in a balanced diet.

A balanced diet begins with high-quality meats, that contain the 40 essential nutrients that your pet needs for a wholesome diet. Through having a balanced diet, this will help your pet’s digestion and ensure the nutrients are correct for your pet depending on its life stage and activity levels. Premium pet foods often use high-quality ingredients.

Balanced nutrients are vital in ensuring your pet is energised and healthy. A balanced diet should also accompany a balanced exercise regime. Just to make sure the calories do not find a happy home around their belly and start to tip the scales!

Nutrients to include in their diet are:

Carbohydrates: Helping to power the brain and nervous system, carbohydrates are found in cereals, fruit and vegetables. Some carbohydrates are also a fantastic source of fibre.

Lipids: These are found in fats and found in meat, chicken, fish and oils. While providing energy, they also help to keep their skin and coat as healthy and luscious as ever.

Vitamins and Minerals: These are a great source of magnesium for muscles, iron for healthy blood, calcium for strong bones and vital vitamins. Vitamins help with blood clotting and keeping healthy vision. The food to look out for here includes vegetables, meat, chicken, fish and grains.

Proteins: The benefits of proteins include strong and healthy muscles, skin and coat. Meat, fish and chicken all contain protein.

The best option is creating the perfect diet with your vet team. This will ensure you are purchasing the correct food and giving your pet the accurate portion. Nutritional plans are also beneficial and help to manage your pet’s weight. As a Best for Pet member, you can receive 10% off on food and merchandise. Having delicious and nutritious food for your pet is the best way to get their tail wagging for meal time!