Puppy Preschool

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What is Puppy Preschool?

Puppy Preschool classes are a fun way to socialise your puppy with both humans and with other puppies of a similar age. 

Each of the five sessions goes for an hour. During this time puppies will be given the opportunity to learn good social skills by interacting and playing with each other. We will also show you positive reinforcement techniques for training your puppy and helping it to grow into the adult dog you want it to be.

During the classes, different aspects of puppy care will also be discussed, some of these include: toilet training, weight and diet, foods to avoid, dental health, toilet training, grooming, parasite control, vaccinations, body language, handling, chewing, mouthing, problem behaviours and more. We also give clients a tour of the clinic on the first night.


The Importance of Socialisation

Puppies have a peak socialisation period between the age of  3 – 12 weeks. During this time what they experience will have a great effect on behaviour they may develop as they mature. For this reason puppies need to interact with other puppies and people during this socialisation period.

Just like human children, puppies interact with adults differently that they do with puppies who are their own age, meaning that in order to learn all the right social skills it is important their socialisation during this time involves lots of play with puppies their own age.

Puppy Preschool is about providing a safe, supervised environment where the puppies can interact with other puppies and with unfamiliar people, outside of their own family.

Class Times

Our next Puppy Preschool class is yet to be confirmed
If your puppy is 6 – 12 weeks of age please call 8270 5155 to place your puppy on our expressions of interest list or on our Puppy Preschool attendee list.
Please contact us before your puppy turns 12 weeks of age as they may be unable to attend once over 12 weeks.