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About Puppy Parenting and Puppy Preschool

Puppy Parenting is a free one-hour information session available to all clients with new puppies, designed to give knowledge and confidence on how to care for the new family member. Different aspects of puppy care will be discussed, including: toilet training; body language; weight and diet; dental health; grooming; parasite control; vaccinations and more. We may even have time to give clients a behind-the-scenes tour of the clinic.

Puppy Preschool is a low-cost series of hands-on classes that builds on from where Puppy Parenting finishes, providing a great opportunity to socialise puppies with both humans and other puppies. Puppies get to learn good social skills, and owners get to learn how to train and care for their puppies – all in a fun, supportive environment.

What happens in Puppy Preschool?

Hub Vets’ Puppy Preschool is here to help you socialize your puppy in a safe supervised environment, even in these physical distancing times. We provide 4 hands-on puppy socialisation lessons at the clinic, followed by 4 Zoom lessons for the owners. This helps create the right group environment for both puppies and humans to do their best learning.

During the 30 minute socialisation lessons, puppies will be managed by their owners under the supervision of a nurse to ensure a safe and inclusive experience. Puppies will be given the opportunity to learn good social skills by interacting and playing with each other. They will also be exposed to novel experiences to help them extend their comfort zones. Puppies will also learn basic obedience skills like sit, drop, and walking on a lead.

During the 30 minute Zoom lessons, family members can sit in with share with owners in learning positive reinforcement techniques for training their puppy and helping it to grow into the adult dog they want it to be. Issues identified during the socialisation lessons can be discussed, and common and specific puppy training concerns will be addressed, including: toileting; handling; chewing and mouthing; barking; and problem behaviours.

The Importance of Socialisation

Puppies have a peak socialisation period from 3 – 16 weeks of age. What they learn and experience during this critical time will have a profound effect on their behaviour as adult dogs. Puppies interact with adult dogs differently to what they do with puppies of their own age. In order to learn all the right social skills it is important they are socialised with other puppies and people during this period, and the best way to do it is through lots of play.

An added benefit is that the puppies associate the veterinary clinic with having fun. Years later, the puppies that came to Puppy Preschool are the same dogs who love their visits to the vet!

Class Times

Our Puppy Preschool classes are held on week nights from 6.30 pm. If you are interested in attending, please register your interest online or call us on 8270 5155 before your puppy turns 12 weeks old, to give us the best chance of matching a class to you and your puppy’s needs.

A fantastic way to introduce your puppy to other puppies. The zoom meetings were a great source of info for a first time dog mum. Sarah was FANTASTIC. I’d recommend it to anyone. It’s been a great experience and worth every cent xo
Sarah was so helpful with all her tips and knowledge. Having the zoom sessions after the practical lessons was very beneficial as you’re not distracted by the other cute puppies! It was also great to have the tips/tricks emails to refer back to. This was such a positive experience for Mabel and myself and I’m so glad we were able to do it with the Hub Vets 🙂
I can’t think of any suggestions for improvement. Sarah was so knowledgeable and attentive, and we felt comfortable asking any questions. Such a great experience – I will be recommending to friends! Thank you 🙂
Murphy and I had a blast and learnt a lot, 10/10 will recommend to friends and family in the future
We can only commend Sarah and Aberfoyle Hub Vets staff for their care and efforts in running such excellent Puppy Preschool Classes and for having such a welcoming and caring environment.
Loved the theoretical part of the classes too as well as your openness to discuss any extra problems. Great class, thank you Hub Vets!
Poppy really enjoyed herself at puppy school!
Mix of socialising and theory worked really well as the whole family could listen to the theory. Really nice and friendly instructor, easy to understand and follow
I learned so many tips & tricks to encourage Astro. The interaction and stories from other puppy parents were great too. Sarah was fantastic.
The smaller class allowed for a more personal approach. Sarah typically had more than one solution/approach to a challenging behaviour
The whole process was great, from Sarah’s enthusiasm and engagement to the interaction of the other group members. It was a lovely experience.
I enjoyed the socialisation aspects with the other dogs and felt the zoom meetings were a good way to engage with the information.

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