Dr Delwyn

BSc BVMs (hons) 2002, Murdoch Uni Western Australia

Delwyn Bennett completed her Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery at Murdoch University in 2002. She joined in 2012 after 10 years in small animal practice in and around Adelaide in which time she has developed a fascination for animal behaviour and learning. This encompasses everything from puppy development and puppy preschool, effective training strategies for pet and performance dogs and verterinary behavioural medicine for pets with significant behavioural problems. Delwyn enjoys working with senior pets and their owners, to optimise their quality of life, given both behavioural and medical needs. COmplex medical cases are a challenge she is all too happy to take on. Delwyn returned in 2018 after a year on maternity leave. Outside of work Delwyn’s time is spent with her husband, Andrew, being a mum to her son, Rowan, with her horses (Aba and Ebony), and Australian Terrier, Seesaw.

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